How to Login 

  1. Click on the register link add all information 
  2. If the system recognizes your email it will ask you to click on a link that brings you to your profile page to edit your profile page click on the activate button which email or text a verification email or text please confirm and activate.
  3. Editing your profile by adding photos and adding information about your business which will help you stand out. 

What is Realty 

Realty Currency

Realty Currency is a so-called social network (or community if you like) and the purpose is simply to socialize with others in the real estate industry. For example, work colleagues, and clients, attorneys making it a lot easier to network and close a deal.  

Once you become a member of realty currency, you can search any real estate professional and ask them to become their friend-Follow option. They decide whether or not they want to be follow you. Clients may also ask you to follow you and it's up to you to decide.

Once you have followers you can send message, upload documents, write reviews.

Share information on a deal in the deal room. Make Offers, Schedule Viewings.

Realty Currency is simply a tool that helps you to socialize, and an advantage against the real life is that you can reach all your followers at once when you have something you want to tell or share with them on any Listing.

Find Real Estate Professional around the world

Realty Currency is also a perfect place to find the real-estate professionals that are directly in your market and share investment opportunity or property of your interest, a niche marketplace.     You can search for particular towns and city of interest. If you want to find new collogue, or real estate professional visit my network page to search the largest data of real estate professional around the world.

There are particular groups where people that share similar interests can be involved. Being a member in a group is also a way get to know new people that you can be friends with.

Realty Currency also has an automatic function that suggest people they think you might have interest based upon the profile you specified in your setting. For example, in the profile page select expertise and area of expertise that will help us group you with right people

  1. A social platform where listing brokers and agents get to profile their listing in front of thousands of real estate professionals around the world.
  2. Schedule appointments, quick and easy from your dashboard 
  3. Make an offer, have your buyers make an offer, make it happen in our deal room. 
  4. Contact the broker or agent instantly, get email and text notifications 
  5. Create a network where you can  Follow, Like and Comment on all listings. Create a Network.
  6. Live Feed, get live reviews on listings.
  7. Share all your listings through all Social media platforms all from our network 
  8. Documents page keeps all documents in one place making it easy to share. 
  9. Live Signature with secure  documents quick and easy (coming soon)
  10. Realty Blockchain technologies (coming soon)


  • A platform the allows real estate professionals to network their listing and profile with other real estate professionals and investors around the world.
  • Places your listing in front of the best in the industry, individual exposure with live feedback which allows the deal to be made faster and move efficiently individual niche practice that pinpoints specific brokers with properties of interest. Giving live and individual attention to the listings and real estate professionals.
  • Our platform has the largest database of real estate professionals around the globe, over 300,000 real estate professionals and growing daily.  
  • Over 150,000 listings and growing daily. 
  • Try it out for 30 days it's Free