Realty Currency

Realty Currency is a so-called social network (or community if you like) and the purpose is simply to socialize with others in the real estate industry. For example, work colleagues, and clients, attorneys making it a lot easier to network and close a deal.  

Once you become a member of realty currency, you can search any real estate professional and ask them to become their friend-Follow option. They decide whether or not they want to be follow you. Clients may also ask you to follow you and it's up to you to decide.

Once you have followers you can send message, upload documents, write reviews.

Share information on a deal in the deal room. Make Offers, Schedule Viewings.

Realty Currency is simply a tool that helps you to socialize, and an advantage against the real life is that you can reach all your followers at once when you have something you want to tell or share with them on any Listing.

Find Real Estate Professional around the world

Realty Currency is also a perfect place to find the real-estate professionals that are directly in your market and share investment opportunity or property of your interest, a niche marketplace. You can search for particular towns and city of interest. If you want to find new collogue, or real estate professional visit my network page to search the largest data of real estate professional around the world.

There are particular groups where people that share similar interests can be involved. Being a member in a group is also a way get to know new people that you can be friends with.

Realty Currency also has an automatic function that suggest people they think you might have interest based upon the profile you specified in your setting. For example, in the profile page select expertise and area of expertise that will help us group you with right people.


You are in charge

As a user, you decide how you want to use Realty Currency. Many see it as a way to socialize with their collogues, others see it as a way to build a network that can help them in their clients.  

Realty Currency is free

Realty Currency is free (but as everyone knows, nothing is really free :-) Realty Currency earn some of their money on ads. They collect a lot of information about their users, and can offer targeted ads to their customers.
That can also be good for you as a user if you filled out your profile right. For example, area of expertise: Investment Sales, you will get clients interested in investment sales in your area of expertise.

 I want to Delete Realty Currency

If you want to erase your Realty Currency Profile page or account you can find more information here: email subject Delete , please include name and company and reason for deleting profile.


 Does it cost anything to use Realty Currency?

Realty Currency Search and all the basic functions are free.

Who uses realty currency ?

Everyone From investors and business owners, mortgage brokers, bankers but today the largest growth of new members are Commercial Real Estate Professionals.  

What does it take to activate your Realty Currency account.

You have to create an account by entering a name, a working e-mail address and password, and some obligatory info Bio about expertise in the real estate business.

Is it difficult to use realty currency?

There are many different tools and settings you use so it may be a bit confusing for the beginners, but if you try them out you will learn how it works.

Is Realty Currency the new way to market listings ?

There are always those who want to be "different " always looking for new trends and services, that markets to excusive real estate professionals

I can't upload pictures on Realty Currency, what am I doing wrong!

It is not at all certain that you are doing something wrong. Sometimes Realty Currency stops working. Have you tried to upload pictures on various sizes and formats, please contact subject Images.

Can you delete followers that you do not want to keep?

There is no problem to delete followers on realty currency. In the my networks in dashboard of the site there is a link followers. Clicking on it will give you a list of all your followers and for each friend there is a check box that you use to remove the follower.

Can I delete a reviews any comments

All members have a sort of bulletin board where they can communicate and give review and comments on listings.  If you write a message, the real estate processional can choose whether to display the comment and make it visible on their walls. In dashboard you will see a green light indication that show new comments waiting approval.